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    Apples are one of the very few foods specifically identified in large human studies as having the capacity to reduce the risk of disease. This is one of the health benefits of apples.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Cancer

    Of course, in addition to eating apples we need to follow a healthy and varied diet that contains plenty of other plant foods like vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grain cereals, be physically active and avoid becoming overweight.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in Australia, accounting for 36 per cent of all deaths in Australia in 2004. It kills one Australian every ten minutes.

    Eating apples has been linked to a reduction in CVD risk of up to 22% in women who were part of a large survey conducted over a number of years. Two other studies of women also showed a reduction in heart disease risk with apples and the compounds found in apples.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Asthma and Lung Health

    Asthma is a significant health problem in Australia with around 2 million people having the condition. An Australian study showed that eating whole apples protected against asthma – a finding that is consistent with a number of other studies. Plus, it seems that apples can help generally improve lung health – quite apart from asthma.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Weight Loss

    A group of 400 overweight South American women with high blood cholesterol ate just one apple a day as part of a research study. They lost weight – as well as improving their overall health profile.