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    Apples are one of the very few foods specifically identified in large human studies as having the capacity to reduce the risk of disease. This is one of the health benefits of apples.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Cancer

    Apples and compounds contained in apples – called flavonoids, have been linked to a reduced risk of lung cancer in a number of different human studies where large numbers of people were involved.

    In one study, women who consumed at least one apple serving per day had a reduced lung cancer risk while a study from Hawaii showed apple intake was associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer in both males and females.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Cardiovascular Disease

    Importantly men can also benefit from apple intake with apple flavonoids strongly linked to a reduced mortality from heart disease.

    Health Benefits of Apples regarding Asthma and Lung Health

    Asthma is a significant health problem in Australia with around 2 million people having the condition. An Australian study showed that eating whole apples protected against asthma – a finding that is consistent with a number of other studies. Plus, it seems that apples can help generally improve lung health – quite apart from asthma.